Wednesday, September 22, 2004

First day of Autumn?

Today it was 84 degrees outside! Sound like a Wisconsin autumn day to you? Actually the temperature is suppose to drop 20 degrees between today and tomorrow.

I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day outside and took the girls to the wildlife reserve by the bay. The park was filled with moms and/or dads with their preschoolers.

Ms. Toddler fed the deer apples with a group of toddlers that were there. It was her first upclose, face to face encounter with deer. They walked right up to her and took the apple slices right from her hand. A complete Kodak moment, but of course mommy forgot to take the camera. Will I ever learn?

We then wandered over to the pond in the middle of the park and were treated to a large flock of ducks splashing near the water's edge. Ms. Toddler thought they were a riot and you could hear her giggles floating over the pond.

There was also a large geese convention in the clearing. They would periodically take flight and get into formation, flying over head, apparently rounding up the group for the flight down south.
Ms. Toddler fed the geese corn. They walked right up to her and were just about as tall as she is. She was fearless though as she tossed corn at them.

One brave goose even came over to the stroller to take a close look at Miss Baby - she stared him down for a bit, then reached her chubby hand out to him. She nearly touched him when he realized she had no corn and started following Ms. Toddler again.

On the way home, Ms. Toddler complained saying she still wanted to go "bye-bye". So, thanks to her whining - something I thought I'd never say - we came across a woman setting up for a rummage sale which she's having tomorrow. She had all sorts of litte tikes houses, slides and cars!

I could have splurged! But I showed some restraint and settled for a slide and a car. Ms. Toddler always asks to go on slides when we pass by a park, or someone's house who has a slide - so I think it was a good investment. Both were quite a bargain.

It was another good day!

Psalm 118:28: You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you.

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