Saturday, September 11, 2004

I should be sleeping

Well I decided to change my blog template. The original was a bit dark for my taste. I just like how clean this new format looks. The original was giving me a bit of trouble too. The boxes were getting all out of alignment and when I would preview it looked nothing like what actually ended up being published - so it has been revamped. The only thing is my previous posts are all in the old template, but oh well! I'll learn to live with it.

Last night I kept thinking about the people of Jamaica. I said several brief prayers for them. I just took a look on the web to see how they managed against Ivan and looks like there was some divine intervention. The prime minister said: "Mercifully, we were spared a direct hit and whatever our religion, faith or persuasions may be, we must give thanks," I have to add TO GOD, at the end of that.

There were some comments from islanders that encouraged me. Several mentioned that they had put themselves into the hands of God for protection. Well, I'm glad they did. Faith has its rewards.

The damage there could have been so much more devastating. My husband and I visited there about 5 years ago. I remember I was dumbstruck by the living conditions of a great number of its inhabitants. On our trips out around the island, I just remember wondering how some of the homes were even standing. Sadder still there were several homes that had no windows, others that barely had roofs and there were people, whole families, that were living in these places.

There are middle class areas, and even the occassional mansion, but it was the people that lived in these makeshift and crumbling homes that I worried about back then, that I prayed for last night. Thank God he answers.

Now if it weren't for those looters.....God help them!

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