Thursday, September 23, 2004

Keeping the Hope Alive

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A comment I posted at Proverbial Wife regarding toddler troubles:

My toddler just turned two in August, and she's already an expert at it. Her favorite antics:

1. Saying NO.

2. Saying MINE.
3. Screaming and whining for everything, rather than just asking. Goes something like " I waaaaahhnt it." She rather dramatically extends her arm and hand out and throws her head back while she does it.
4. #3 is usually followed by wriggling and kicking with some screams if we don't give her what she wants within about 3 seconds.
5. Stops dead in her tracks and starts crying. Will not move from the place she stopped. Will not come to us when we call. This is usually done in a store where she will get sympathy from people passing by. Makes me feel awful.
6. Labor day she initiated throwing herself on the ground, at a church picnic of course.

7. Crossing her arms and saying, "No. See you. Bye" and stomping off whenever we tell her she cannot do something.
8. Throwing things - socks, cups etc. Not necessarily at me, but it usually ends up sailing somewhere past me or her baby sister.
9. Taking away any toy baby sister has, even if she's surrounding by 20 others.

10. Refuses to sleep in her bed.
11. Refuses to go to sleep at night. See this post for an example.
12. Screams/Squeals and runs away when we call her to get dressed, undressed, eat, go inside, go outside...well you get the picture.

I'm half way through Dr. Dobson's Strong Willed Child. Also been listening to the recent Focus on the Family broadcasts on this topic. Taking lots of deep breaths, praying, reading everything I can and just trying to focus on her good traits. She does have some, really.

She's great fun. Adorable. Friendly. Likes giving hugs and kisses. Likes to cuddle. Loving to her parents and baby sister. Will comfort the baby if she cries and does take her toys throughout the day. Likes going around after church to the congregation saying "God Bwess You." and shaking their hands.

Thank God for that side of her. Keeps my hopes alive.

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