Tuesday, September 21, 2004

She Speaks!

Miss Baby
Miss Baby,
originally uploaded by ba_mommy.
Miss Baby is starting to form words! She's been practicing for days now - moving her lips and tongue and opening her mouth - with only little puffs of air. She's done the baby squeals and normal babble, but yesterday she said "Mamamama" for the first time.

I heard her practicing her babbling while she was in her play gym and suddenly it started to sound like actual word sounds. Then came the "Mamamama". When I went over to her, she smiled just like in this picture and said it again!

I really wasn't sure that she was saying Mama until later in the evening. Dad came home and was playing with her and again when I came into the room she turned, smiled and said it again!

Then, her Dad started to try to get her to say "Papa", and incredibly she mimicked him right away! Way to go Miss Baby, that's the way you get him around your chubby little finger!

Thought I'd share this photo. Hair Hair Hair!

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