Friday, October 22, 2004

Me Time

I left my job 8 months ago to stay home with my girls. Last night I realized there is one thing I miss about my old job: the commute.

My job involved commuting to the neighboring towns and cities to help one organization or the other with their accounting problems. This was my favorite part of the job. I loved going to new places to meet new people and just help.

I really loved the commute in the fall. Red barns agains fall colors, orchards heavy with ripe apples, pumpkin patches dotted bright orange and farmers turning recently harvested fields were the landscape that greeted me on these drives.

During these drives out to my destination I could plan my day and work out the solutions to the problems my clients faced. My drives home were my time to de-stress. But more importantly my drives consisted of me time. Time when I could listen to a good Bible study, listen to christian radio, talk to God or just listen to Him.

With a baby and a toddler there aren't many quiet moments in my house. Even though I do find them here and there, there's nothing better for me than a long drive to relax me and put things into perspective

.Last night I took one of those drives since, oh probably 8 months ago. Yep, just handed over the kids and told hubby I was going out for a bit. It was very, very nice.

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