Monday, October 25, 2004

Most of the time

hubby: Do you still love me? me: Most of the time.

This is usually the dialogue when hubby and I have a disagreement, or he does something that upsets me. I don't know when it started, but it's his way of asking if things are good between us and my way of saying he's forgiven, or forget about it, when we're too busy to discuss things at length.

Last Friday was one of the reasons I say, most of the time. Hubby got home a bit early on Friday and told me he had arranged for my in-laws to babysit for the evening. We packed up the girls, dropped them off with grandma and grandpa, and went and had a nice, peaceful dinner.No toddler bouncing around demanding food and pulling apart the sugar packets and half & halfs. No baby grabbing at everything in sight. No tag teaming with hubby or juggling feeding myself, Ms. Toddler and Miss Baby all at once. When the meal arrived I didn't have the usual sour stomach and loss of appetite I often experience when we attempt to take the girls with us to a restaurant. To be fair, they're only terrible at restaurants sometimes. But enough to be apprehensive each time we go out.

Afterwards we went to the bookstore and browsed. Just browsed. I so appreciate being able to just browse nowadays. No toddler trying to crumple the pages of books, taking off behind the bookshelves, pulling all of the books off of the bottom shelves... well you get the idea.

It's only been two years since it was just the two of us, why does it seem soooo much longer than that? I love my girls, truly. But getting a little time away from them helps me appreciate them even more. It was only one evening out, but by the end of it I was missing my girls and was eager to go pick them up.

In other news:

Miss Baby has a cold. Poor thing is so congested, but like the little angel she is, her spirits are still up amid the coughs and sniffles.

She also started waving. She presses her ear against her shoulder with a coy little smile and waves with her chubby little fingers. So cute.

I began working on Ms. Toddler's potty training in earnest today. I'm not sure we got too far. She had several accidents, but some successes to. I didn't think it would be so exhausting. Either I have a cold coming on, or potty training a toddler can just sap all of your energy like nothing I've ever known....

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