Friday, October 29, 2004

Preschool Homeschool

Since I decided to stay home, I've envisioned preschooling my daughter. She's 2.2 now and this week I was inspired to do some further research and establish some more structure to our day. The women at WAH had some good sites suggested on the boards that were very helpful.

So the plan is to start next week. I'm very excited. Ms. Toddler may still be a bit young to start on a program, but it'll be good to test things out and see what really peaks her interests and makes her eager to learn. I'm such a nut - I have a weekly activity plan nearly completed and a binder started. I plan on checking the library for some of the books I plan on using, but also noticed that the ones I intend to use aren't very expensive...

I really loved reading and learning as a kid. I hope by doing this some of it will rub off on her too.

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