Thursday, October 07, 2004


Something different. Here's today's Thursday Threesome and my responses:

Wild Blue Yonder

Onesome: That Wild Mother Nature - I can deal with blizzards and sub-zero temps - a good fire or a furnace can combat that. I don't like tornadoes, and although they're somewhat common around here, nothing like in the middle section of the nation. But I couldn't handle active volcanoes. There's something about molten fire that just scares me. Images of the wrath of God and the last days, lake of fire - you know that kind of scary stuff. Earthquakes I couldn't handle - where can you run?

Twosome: Blue Dishes? - My everyday dishes are cream colored with harvest fruits on them - pears etc. My fancy dishes are white and gold rimmed, and we have used them once. I guess I'm waiting for the President to stop by to pull them out. I would love to get a fun holiday set but haven't found just the right one.

Threesome: Way UP Yonder - One of my childhood dreams was to be an astronaut. Stemmed from the movie Space Camp (with Joaquin Phoenix when he was a kid). I wanted to go to Space Camp and the whole nine yards. My parents, however, were not going to shell out that kind of money for me to go play pretend. I even looked at aeronautical colleges when I was applying - but then I took an engineering pre-college course. Phew! - that was the end of that. Plus I think you have to have 20-20 vision to fly and I have wicked astigmatism.I would definitely like to take a trip into space. Not that I'd have the money to do it! What are they saying, like $250,000 is the estimated ticket price right now? But if they offered, I'd absolutely be there! *singing* Here's George Jetson......Jane his wife.....

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