Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Catching Up

Home sweet home!

We actually came in on Sunday night, but arrived later than planned - which isn't that rare, unfortunately- after we received an impromptu invitation to my uncle's house after service on Sunday.

It was an invitation we couldn't turn down. One because he continually asks us to visit him - and we rarely have the opportunity to seeing as we live two hours away, and second because both my husband and I find him to be a tremendous help to our spiritual well-being. He has such a mentoring spirit - we truly feel God talking through him to us each time we have a chance to really converse with him. We feel blessed and loved so often because of him.

Not to mention that he cooks the most tremendous meals, and seems to be able to do it at a moments notice. I kid you not, he can whip together true feasts in what seems like minutes - a fruit salad, pastelios (pasties), pasteles (a special puerto rican treat - similar to tamales), arroz con gandules (a yummy puerto rican rice dish), habichuelas (beans), salad, baked ham - oh so yummy - practically appeared right before us as we chatted.

Good food and good conversation was the theme of the weekend. I'm sure it was in many of your homes.

The kiddos spent two whole days with their grandpa - much to his delight. We attended a fundraiser - much fun, with silent auction and more great food. We also attended a concert by two Columbian missionary pastors - they played christian songs to a folk beat on guitars - amazing talent - is all I can say.

Monday was not very productive. I unwisely had scheduled Miss Baby's 9 month check up yesterday and had to restock on pampers and formula - we were completely out! The poor girls were exhausted and kept falling asleep in the car between stops.

Miss Baby, I'm happy to report, is a healthy, bouncy - robust? - 22 lbs! and 29 3/4 inches. She's 97% for her height and 90% for her weight!

We also decided to celebrate Advent this year. As if on cue, Leann, provided some great resources which have helped us get started. Here are a few that I especially thought were helpful. Leann has additional suggestions on her blog. I'd encourage everyone to start this tradition with your family too...

Advent Calendar
The Season of Advent
Advent for Preschoolers
What is Advent? Why Celebrate it?

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