Friday, November 12, 2004

This and that

Jumping to Conclusions..
Ever since I signed Ms. Toddler up for her Play and Learn class, I've been concerned that she'll hit one of the kids (she learned this from her cousins - both boys- who play quite rough). Yesterday, after class, the teacher bee lined her way across the room to me. I thought to myself, "Oh dear, it's happened. What did she do?"

Her teacher proceeded to say something like the following about Ms. Toddler: "She is the sweetest girl. She always wants to help me out. She's so nice to the other kids. There's one girl in the class who is very timid and she always encourages her to participate - grabbing her by the hand and telling her "Come on, come over here." I just had to tell you about it. She's so cute!"

I felt so bad, jumping to conclusions about my girl. She is very sweet. If she sees another kid fall or bump into something, she'll always go over and say "Are you okay?". And she is very friendly. Sorry Ms. Toddler, I'll try not to make any more assumptions when it comes to you..

Family Pictures..

Last night was our first attempt at a family picture. We wanted to take one last Christmas with Ms. Toddler, but when it came around, I was 8 months pregnant and not really in a picture taking kind of place, so we postponed it.

It was quite the adventure. I practiced all day with the girls and they seemed to be well prepped for the occasion. When we got there, Ms. Toddler became very clingy. Miss Baby was a sweetheart of course, except that she's moving a lot more - not the greatest when you don't want your family picture to be an action shot.

We only made a few attempts (Ms. Toddler was being especially squirmy) and tried to get one of just the girls in their Christmas sweaters (didn't work). When we took a look at the pictures, in half of them Ms. Baby looked like she was falling over or taking off in flight. We did like one, despite some slight imperfections, so our Christmas cards are ordered and we'll have our first family picture up in our home just in time for the holidays! Very cool.

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