Monday, November 08, 2004

Toothless no more

Miss Baby's first tooth broke through this weekend. Just when I was wondering if she'd be toothless forever, at 8 months we finally see a tooth.

This explains why she was such a crabby girl on Friday, very uncharacteristic of her. She wants mommy to carry her everywhere. I brought her a new teether since her new favorite activity is to gnaw on everything she can get her hands on. Some of Ms. Toddlers books took a beating this past week.

She's ready to crawl too. She has the whole reverse thing going good. But she's been getting braver and braver at venturing forward on her hands and knees. She's too cute when she rocks back and forth on all fours deciding whether or not she's steady enough to make a go for it. And did I mention she's trying to pull herself up in her crib? Yep, time to drop that mattress!

Awww.. I can't get over it. A tooth! Next thing you know she'll be running around and talking. My baby!! :)

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