Saturday, December 04, 2004

Well color me RED!

Now, I don't usually compare her to other kids. What's the point when I already know she's gifted and talented ;). But a casual question from her doctor made me tune in to what other kids her age were doing. The question: Does she know her colors yet? My answer: No.

What was going on in my head: What?? Should I have been teaching her that? Is she developmentally behind? Impossible!! I need to go straight to Walmart and buy flashcards, new crayons, workbooks!!

unnecessary anxiety attack, right? Okay, so I eased up. She got crayons. I bought some flash cards - but I just let her play with them and let her ask me about the pictures.

BUT, Ms. Toddler is in a Play and Learn class for 2 year olds. Perfect place for comparisons. And I start noticing that there were other 2 year olds who seemed to know at least some of their colors (they were a few months older too), but this didn't register at first. All I thought was - we need to start working on this!

So I start going through the cards with her. Pointing out colors constantly - when we're getting dressed, when we're outside, when she's playing with toys. This was all about a month ago. She does throw out some color names, but she's usually only right by accident.

Well I eased up, figuring - she'll get it when she's ready. And I continue to just casually point out colors, still asking Ms. Toddler, "What color is this" quite regularly. She still answers with a color name, but rarely the correct one.

Then the other night: Was I ever surprised when she turns to her daddy and says, "What color?" holding up a crayon. He was quite tired and told her, "I don't know", hoping she'd give him some space.. when she told him "Blue", with the same intonation that I use when showing her something. The curious thing was, she was right!

She picked up another crayon, asked the same question - I prompted hubby to continue saying I don't know - and yep, she said "Yellow", and was right again!

She went through her entire crayon box (it was just the chunky 8 crayon set) - but the little stinker knows her colors! Hubby started answering, but answering wrong, and she would correct him!

Had to share - it just blew me away! Especially since, not 5 minutes before this whole display, she didn't identify one color correctly for me - not once!

But by George, I think she's got it!

Add that to the list: Shapes - check. Colors - check.


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