Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jumbled Jabber

* Ms. Toddler has a case of the croup. Started yesterday afternoon after her nap, oddly enough. Even with the humidifier going all night, she still woke up wheezing, hoarse and the sound of her coughing makes me want to run her to the emergency room. Praying that it clears up soon.

* Plumbing problems on the home front. While running the shower for Ms. Toddler's croup, we heard water start pouring in the basement - some seal to the "trap" (don't ask me to elaborate)had broken away and the trap was clogged, so all that water went right onto the basement floor. Sadly hubby had just moved a box of pictures I haven't had a chance to put into albums, right on the floor in close proximity to the incident. Never fear - just the box got wet and we were able to get the pic's out before any water absorption started - phew.

Dear hubby truly drives me mad with all his random moving of boxes. Truly, there is an order and reason for where and how I place things in our storage area. It's something he just can't grasp I suppose.

*Miss Baby broke another tooth! That makes three and we have spotted at least 3 more nodules (that can't be anywhere near correct terminology for that) on her gums. Yep she finally is in full swing with her teething - she's in high gear with drool and poopie production. Go baby go!

*Ms. Toddler is refusing to eat today. She is my 15 percentile child. Maybe her throat is sore? I think she's had 1/2 an apple, pudding, a taste of oatmeal, some Ritz crackers and lots of milk and juice today. *sigh* I will not worry. I will not obsess.

*Miss Baby learned a new trick. Suck in a bunch of formula, and spurt it all back out again. Either by just opening her month to let it dribble back out and down her shirt or actually doing a razz. It's cute until after about the 10th time I have to change her clothes and wipe it up off the floor. Yeah, good thing she's so cute.

*We watched Super Size Me And let me say, if you want to get off of fast food and you just can't quite do it, this film could very possibly be your cure.

*Ms. Toddler is extra whiney - must go tend the Hoarse Whisperer.

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