Sunday, February 06, 2005

Socks are in the mail

Attention sock girls - your socks are in the mail. Hope you enjoy! Also, Mari, I received the socks - LOVE 'EM! I wanted some fun Valentine socks for February. Thanks!

The family and I took a trip to visit my dad this weekend. He was very happy, as were the girls. It was a nice, although short, escape - one we suddenly desperately needed after all the goings on around here. It makes me so sad that we're so very far from him though - ok, it's only two hours, but with two very little girls in a car - it can feel like a cross country trip, if we don't time it exactly right around their nap time, in which case the trip is bliss :) He just adores them soooo. I wish we were closer, that's all.

Anyhoo, the weather has been so NICE these past few days, hovering near 50 degrees. Wooohoo! All the snow has been melting - we have hardly any left. We haven't needed to wrap the girls like the kid brother in the Christmas Story - much to their delight. AND *sniiiiiiifff*, spring is in the air. I know the groundhog in P-wherever didn't think so, but OUR small town groundhog did, and I choose to believe him.

Cabin fever is beginning to set in - and things can get pretty odd around here when that happens.

Oh, and I also got a good dose of the food channel while visiting my dad, which prompted some impromptu eating there - very, very bad. But, on the flip side, I received some great inspirations for weekday meals - so excited.

Later all - praying that you're all blessed in this new week :)

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