Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An update on Miss Baby

Just some random facts that I'll want to remember one day:

* Asks for "Mo" (more)
* Loves eating, and is very methodical on placing food and cup around her tray and doing the rounds.
*Reaches one long shrill high pitch when she cries. Think Boo in Monster's, Inc - when she cries and causes a power surge - that exact pitch.
*Says "Shoes". This weekend I told her we were going bye-bye. She went to her room. When I turned around she was right next to me with her tennis shoes in hand, then said "Shoes. Go." - How cool is that? :)
*Says Hello Baby - actually it comes out something like: Heloo Babay.
*Copies everything big sister does right now, and thinks she is the funniest thing since bubbles - which are hilarious to her right now.

That is all for now..

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