Monday, July 25, 2005

Updates and Memories

Ms. Chatterbox:

  1. digs Strawberry "Cupcake" and likes sporting her PJ's.
  2. Is talking in near full sentences now. So cute how she mixes up her nouns and pronouns.
  3. Loves to tap dance, or some form of it that she calls: Ta-dum, ka-tum.
  4. Can count to five on her fingers.
  5. Read stories to her sister - using her ad-lib version of it.

Miss Jibber Jabber:

  1. has learned how to climb up to the kitchen table and yell "eat!".
  2. is learning new words daily. Like "Ta-mmm". What's that you say? Why, thank you of course!
  3. Can point out her nose, eyes, cheeks and feet very well. Is working on naming other body parts.
  4. Likes playing monster.
  5. Throws wrappers and papers away in the garbage all by herself.. it's under the sink so she has to open the doors, pull out the wastebasket, crumple the item, toss it in, make sure it's in, push the wastebasket back in, and close both doors. Rubs her hands, and walks away very proudly. Oh, she also throws out anything else she's done playing with...

And in other news: Dropped another 1.5lbs - Hurray for me!

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