Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good Grief?

Does anyone know where that term came from? Is grief good? Tonight I don't think so.

Today I experienced the first termination of an employee. My employee. Her situation is not good. Personally, I wish I could help her, but I really don't know how. She's tight lipped and I don't know the whole picture. But I do know that she's at her wit's end and feeling the weight of the gravity of her situation. As an employer, I know her absences, inconsistencies and attitude that led up to this point where negatively affecting the team. And yet, my heart is heavy and I'm so very concerned for her.

I tried to encourage her and hugged her as I walked her out the door (you may be surprised by this, but I'm not naturally a hugging kind of person - the situation is rare when I do feel called to extend myself in that way). I wrote her name in the prayer book at chapel today. Not only for her and her situation, but for my own solace as I struggle with my feelings of helplessness. I've lost an employee today. I never expected to feel this grief.

If you're reading this, please send up a prayer for this young lady and her infant. Surely only God has the right solution for her, and only he'll be able to effectively comfort and heal her wounded life.

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