Thursday, February 23, 2006

First Movie

Took the girlies to see their first movie at a theatre.

Curious George. They were so excited and bewildered by it all. We were first surprised that Girlie 2 is still free (hurray!), stopped off for a couple of buckets of popcorn, pulled out the sippy cups and went to settle in the theatre.

The dark walk into the stadium theatre nearly cost us some hesitation, but we were able to convince the girlies it would all be good.

They are so little! Once we settled them into their seats, each with a tub of popcorn between their legs (we each had to hold the seats down, cause they're still so little, that the seats kept threatening to fold up on them!), and they were elated.

After a gazillion previews, I thought the girls would be done, but the movie was so adorable, and so perfect for a toddler and a preschooler.

Girlie 2 sat the entire time making her way to the bottom of the popcorn tub with her daddy. After the first few minutes, when she realized that things coming toward her on the screen weren't going to actually come at her, she stopped moving back - I guess a huge screen to such a little girl can become 3-D.

And Girlie 1 was so pleased that she found the source of the light that made the movie spread accross the screen. And marveled when she heard other kiddies laughing at the movie from out of the darkness. And jumped up to dance to every other song. (love the soundtrack - had to buy it.) And she had the cutest little comments here and there throughout the movie.

She was so happy. They both were. And I was so proud of how good they both were! I was so envisioning little girlies running around the theatre, climbing over and under chairs, and talking non-stop. But they were little angels.

It was a good time. And looking across the two little heads between hubby and me, I couldn't help but wonder at how much has changed and how far we've come. Date night w/hubby for a movie is great and often such a relief, but there's nothing like sharing a first like this with your kids and experiencing it all through their wondering eyes.

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