Sunday, May 14, 2006

The best things about being a mom

Today the girlies showered me with kisses. Literally. First Girlie 1, then girlie 2 would yell my turn, my turn and they would line up to take turns giving me big smooches and hugs. Priceless. Certainly one of those moments you want to engrave in your memory forever.

A friend of mine loaned a book to me that discusses how we are created in God's image, diamonds or gems. It's funny, because when I think about myself I usually think, clay - something that needs to be molded and made into something useful. But based on the logic of this book, it has challenged me to think about myself as something already valuable and charged with the responsibility of using the gifts and strengths that God has created within me and fulfill the purpose for which he created me. It makes the journey seem much less daunting. I'm not so much concerned about failing to be something, and much more about failing to make use of what I am. IF that makes sense.

And I think of my girlies, the little talents God has given to my care. They certainly challenge me to think more carefully of my words and actions. They challenge me, because I do see them as little gems. Little gems entrusted to my care. I don't need to make them into anything or shape or mold them into anything. That's a thought that has overwhelmed me. But I do need to love them, and know them and help them see their basic makeup - that which God has formed them to be. My job is to keep from chipping or dulling their brilliance. My job is too help them see the source of light that makes them magnificent. I need to handle them with gentleness and wisdom. God has trusted me to do that.

Pretty incredible job.

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