Monday, February 19, 2007


"Master, we toiled all night and caught nothing. But on the ground of Your word, I will lower the nets." Luke 5:5

Its been an exhausting couple of weeks. The company I work at is relocating (big move), we had a pledge drive (long hours), it's time to close up the end of the year (translation for an accountant = nightmare), and the girlies and I have been playing tag: Tag, you're sick now.

I always thought that once you got through the infant period, your nights were full sleep nights. NOT - add that to the "things I wish someone would have told me before.." book.

So in the midst of sick and whining girls, swimming heads and nausea, demanding work schedules, and difficult co-worker interactions - well it's easy to get caught up in the dreariness of it all. Pop in some extra cold and cloudy weather, and it's easy to lose perspective.

But the blessing in all of this is just when I'm ready to throw in the towel, and I basically do by not going into work these past few days - succumbing to the fact that YES, I'm sick, literally, and tired, I find the moments.

The little moments that I wonder if I'm missing. The goofy moments, the silly moments, the silent moments that make you realize: it's all good. My kids are good (come on - you know you wonder sometimes too), my husband is great, a home cooked meal is awesome, and God does have a plan and purpose for my life. A plan of abundance.

Just like when Peter and his crew were exhausted, discouraged and really didn't want to go fishing one more time, they did 'cause He told them to press on and hold on. By not giving up, just when they thought they couldn't any longer, they found God stepping in just in time. The abundance God had for them was just one more net cast into the sea.

So for all you tired mommies out there: Keeping on keeping on. You never know what's waiting for you right over the horizon :)

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