Sunday, March 04, 2007

Better late than never

Ultimate Blog Party

Blog Party - Introduction to ME!

  1. Mom to two sweet, energetic girls.
  2. Wife to a loving husband.
  3. Wife to a pastor.
  4. Accountant
  5. That works outside the home
  6. But like many working moms dreams of staying home
  7. currently considering having a third child
  8. my maiden name means flowers in spanish (thought it was the coolest name when I was a teen)
  9. my married name means "to sing"
  10. which I love to do by the way
  11. at church, at home, in the car - you get it.
  12. a midwest girl - born and raised
  13. that loves to travel
  14. but hasn't much in the last 4 years
  15. busy raising the girlies
  16. wondering where the time goes
  17. has learned its true that they're only babies for a very short time
  18. love to read
  19. own tons of books
  20. i have the tendency to sign up with home businesses for the discount
  21. i love to cook
  22. have piles of recipe books
  23. i love to laugh
  24. love romantic comedies
  25. my current favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice
  26. was last My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  27. before that was Emma
  28. before that was French Kiss
  29. Yes I own them all
  30. i'm 31
  31. spanish impaired latina for most of my life
  32. which I remedied by taking 6 years of spanish classes
  33. would love to take some cooking classes
  34. and have my own food network show
  35. I watch food network way to much
  36. which is evidenced by my girlies who mimic Rachael Ray
  37. trying my best to do my best raising up the treasures God has trusted me to raise
  38. am currently in the trenches of potty training a reluctant girlie 2
  39. having fun getting girlie 1 ready for kindergarden in the fall
  40. love God
  41. love my family
  42. been blogging for about 3 years
  43. found WAH about then - great group of women
We'll that's much more than a start :)


  1. Welcome to the blog party! You're going to love it. Come on by my slumber party. You have a cute family and I like your blog design.

  2. Stopping by from the blog party to say, Hello :)

  3. Hello there! I'm on W@H, too! I usually leave comments under the pregnancy section and the prayer list. Nice to meet you! You have 2 sweet little girls! I have 2--one who is 15 and one who is 5 months...but I also have 4 boys in between. If you're thinking about #3, go for it! God will take care of the details...

  4. Better late than never...yeah, I am after you on the list...wink! What a wonderful little spot here on the internet......

  5. Wow! You've been bloggin for 3 years! I just started Oct 2006.

    "Nice to meet you" through the U Blog Party :) I see we have a lot of similarities..No. 5, 6 and many more :)

  6. Just stopping by for the party! Your girls are stunning. It is nice to meet another working mom. You mentioned a blog ring for working moms could you let me know where I can find the group so I can pop by. If you get a minute come on by for my party!

  7. Hi Becki!
    It was so nice to meet you. Thanks for hosting such a great party!
    I am a BIG Food Network Fan, too - My kids even ask to watch cooking (they love Rachael Ray, too)!
    I recently wrote a post on potty-training (just trained #4!)... Check it out, if you get a chance.
    Your girls are adorable. (I loved their gingerbread house - too cute!)
    Come by and visit, sometime. My doors always open! I'll be back, soon, I'm sure!

  8. Just stopped by for the party and I see that we have some things in common... like numbers 2 and 3 on your list! His Peace, Alida

  9. Hi I came by because of the party. I am also a pastor's wife. You have beautiful children.

  10. Great intro!

    Welcome to the party.


  11. Hello Becky, I'm visiting from the Party, it's nice to meet you... I love that there are so many Christian women our there! Stop by my site if you get a chance, we are having a give away.
    <>< Carolyn

  12. Hi, stopping by from the party. Well you're more on time than me! :v)

    Nice to meet you, nice site you have!

  13. what a fun list about yourself!

    now if you were french, I would know your name the flower and to sing! lol, but I"m guessing your spanish?

    ~Following the Ultimate Party Trail (I may be slow, but eventually I'll get to the end!)
    ~Don't forget to check out the party favors at the 160!

  14. What a great party!!! Glad I found you on the Blog Party site - I will be back!!!!

  15. Swinging in for the party!!!
    Nice to meet ya.

    My 3rd party favor give away has begun. When ya get a chance come on over.

    PARTY ON!!!

  16. What a great list!!!

    I love all those movies too... but I don't own any of them.

    That is so funny that your girls mimic Rachael Ray.

  17. HI Becky. You won my prize. Please send me your address via email and I'll ship to you next week. :-)

  18. Hello! It's so nice to stop by and meet you =)

  19. I'm stopping in a little late! Love your blog. I have to say that I also have the tendency to sign up with home sales businesses! :)