Sunday, March 04, 2007


Thursday we had another storm. This one icier and, well - scarier.

After picking up the Girlies, I found that my windshield wipers weren't working like they should, so I hopped out of the van to fiddle with them. The flakes the were falling were huge, and there was ice falling as well. Visibility was low.

So now that I've set it up, when I did, suddently there was a series of 3 flashes. It was so bright, I was blinded for a second and really confused. And it was followed a few seconds later by the scariest, longest rumble of thunder.

Needless to say, I achieved new speeds as I quickly hopped back into my van. It was an eerie drive home.

Lightning in a snow storm. I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life, and this was a first for me in my memory. It must have been the way the light bounced off of the flakes, but it was also the brightest I'd ever seen.

In hindsight, it was pretty awesome.

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