Thursday, June 04, 2009

Somethin from Nothin

Give God your all. …Give him those things that you judge as not good enough. Hand over those areas of your life that appear to be too broken to be used. Let Him sift and sort things through. You'll be amazed at what the Master Creator can make… ~ Katherine Walden

Heard this quote on my drive to work today, it completely sums up the last few months for me.

From health concerns, economic difficulties, church admin worries and not to mention working at a non profit that depends on the generosity of its donors, who are struggling themselves....well things just seem broken.

But how great is God that he steps in when we need him most. Like a father watching his baby taking wobbly steps, trying to figure out how to manage, right when he's about to topple over - there HE is. He's there, always there, but yet we're surprised each time.

There's a lot to be sifted and sorted these days....turn it over to God, let's see what he makes of it.

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