Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life. Good God, what is it good for?

I think you could call it a mid-life crisis.  I'm at a point where I am asking myself, if I don't love it, why am I wasting my time?  It's being applied across the board of my life.

I would say my life is the picture of a "typical" American family. 

Let's frame it:

Went to college.  Have my degree. Check.
Working in my field of study.  Check.
Happily married. Check.
Have 3 great, healthy kids.  Check.
Have a nice home in a good neighborhood, and good school district. Check.
Have the mini-van. Check.
Kids are adequately on the border of being over-scheduled. Check.
Am an active and serving member at my home church. Check.

I am one of those people who has been focused on getting "there".

When I finish school I'll.............
When the kids aren't babies we can.........
When we move to a bigger house it will be..........

And like so many before me, getting to the destination has left me wondering, now what?

So I think I'm at the life stage where I've decided that I am going to do what I love. Not what I should, or what is expected, but those things that I really truly enjoy.

Except that means unloading all the preconceived notions, expectations and even some of the "responsibilities" that tell me it's ridiculous to even consider.

But every bit of me is screaming, do it! 

There is no reason good enough to settle.  We were designed for a purpose that we are meant to live.  Until we live that life, life just won't be bearable.  It's a life that may not make sense to others, 'cause it's not their life to live!  It's yours alone.  Each breath is a gift, too valuable to be spent just being.  Life is meant to be good.  Good for me, good for you.

Don't stop until you're living your good life.  Enjoy the journey.  Start over.  Then start again.  Remove the pin from the map of life and explore, feel, love, savor the joy in each moment.

Go ahead, you have my permission. 



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