Monday, August 30, 2004

Peanut sings it loud!

Recently, Peanut has been the ultimate imitator. Peanut is my two year old. (For future reference, Chubby is my 6 month old.) Daddy of course loves this and has her repeating "Daddy is the best" and "Daddy is cool" and anything else he can think up, on a regular basis.

On the negative side, we had our first "oops - better watch what we say now" when mommy called something on the news "stupid". For days she singsonged "stupid" and could not be deterred or detoured.

The most adorable of her imitations started this weekend. After coming home from church on Sunday morning, she began singing out several of the songs and hymns from church. We can't quite make out all the words, and some of the melodies are a bit off - but does she ever let it out loud and strong! She reminds me of "Boo" from Monster's Inc. You know, when she's sitting in the bathroom stall singing? (And to top it off, she also has dark hair, bangs, and is usually in pig tails :)

After a few minutes of singing, and a clear "Amen" she then proceeded to pray over her daddy, mommy and little sister. We're not sure about what she was saying. And I'm not sure she does either, but we do make out the word "Jesus" here and there in her little prayer. After a few minutes of praying, she goes back to belting out those songs.

Aren't those the moments you just live for, to know that your example is making an impression?

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