Monday, September 27, 2004

It's a date

It's a date!

We decided - we're going to go see Michael W. Smith's Christmas concert.

Hooray! *Monday Morning Euphoria*

Actually, hubby wanted to go a while back, but I hesitated. The cost of the tickets is a bit high. But it's a Christmas concert, it's Michael W. Smith, and we deserve a date night - so I caved. I am so excited now!

I'm the more frugal of the two of us. It's unusual I know. If I ask his advice about buying something he just says: "If you want it get it.", "If you like it buy it", "If you need it take it." There are no questions about whether or not it's a practical or affordable buy, ever.

This can be great, at times. I guess it just makes me think about it myself before making the decisions. At others, it just leads to impulse buying - and us getting in over our heads. And sometimes I just want to be told what I should do - is that lazy? I don't want that responsibility all the time.

Unfortunately we have been notorious for going too far - at Christmas, for birthday parties etc. For a long time, we bought because we wanted, not necessarily needed, which got us into trouble. A hole we've been digging ourselves out of for quite a while.

But I won't stress on that right now! We're going to go see MWS! He's finally coming to our town! Too cool..

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