Sunday, September 19, 2004

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Yesterday we took a trip to the zoo in Milwaukee. We spent the day with my Dad and brother, something we don't get to do too often lately. Dad re-married about 3 months ago now (my mom passed away 7 years ago this month) and we haven't done too much together this summer with all of the change.

It was a beautiful autumn day. It was both Ms. Toddler and Miss Baby's first trip to the zoo in the big city. Our zoo in Green Bay is very small and doesn't have any of the larger, more impressive animals. Ms. Toddler had a great time running around pointing out and naming all the animals she knows. She was quite taken with the animals, her eyes wide and mouth open in amazement as she saw many of these animals for the first time. Grandpa on the other hand was impressed by her expanding vocabulary and delighted that, even though she doesn't see him as often as we would like, she's obvious in the fact that he's still her favorite grandparent.

Ms. Toddler was able to catch the hatching of an egg and see a little chick pop out - to which she turned to me and said "Disgusting!, Birdie yucky." To the cows she said, "Stinky!" and to the elephants or "ephelants", as she says, she said "Messy!". My little city girl!

Miss Baby on the other hand didn't take too much of an interest. I guess at 6 months she still just didn't get what all the fuss was about. Although, the monkey's did get her attention. They also had a replica of a newborn gorilla. To our amusement, Miss Baby is about the same size of one right now. Yes, she's a big baby!

It was just a good day overall. We went to a chinese restaurant afterward, laughed a lot and ate too much. We stopped at a thrift shop near the restaurant and I found some brand new and nearly new x-mas and other kiddie videos and some great books for quite a steal. There's nothing like scoring great deals at yard sales or thrift shops to top off an already great day.

Afterwards we stopped over at dad's house and had some yummy coffee and delicious pumpkin pie (which he made - he's a Baker by trade).

It was a good day.

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