Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Miss Baby, what a big girl you are!

Miss Baby is sitting up by herself these days. My plump little angel can balance herself quite well. She's also lunging forward for toys and has good upper body strength now. As she anxiously tracks her sister running back and forth each day, I'm sure she'll be crawling very soon as well. She can stand strong now too and loves jumping, as hard and noisily as her little chubby legs will let her, in her bouncer. Watching her, I am just amazed at how fast the months are going by.

It seems like just yesterday I came home with my sweet, beautiful little baby. But here we are seven months later. For some reason I thought that being home with her would slow down time somehow. With my oldest, it seemed like time flew by because I was working full time. Mornings were a rushed frenzy. Waking up my little girl, taking her out into Wisconsin sub-zero winter mornings just as it began to get light out, just to deposit her in someone else's care for 9-10 hours of each day. Evenings weren't much different. By the time I picked her up from the sitter's, got home, and fed all of us, there just wasn't much time left to just enjoy my little girl.

With Miss Baby, I'm with her everyday. I am extremely grateful that I can take the time to let her wake up on her own in the morning, and spend quality moments just cuddling my little one and talking with my toddler. I love how my toddler wakes up talking a mile a minute, as if she has to make up for all those hours she was sleeping. I thoroughly enjoy our trips to the park. I so appreciate the fact that our little girl is now actually home enough to enjoy her own room, toys and backyard! I'm glad that I don't have to abandon my girls when they have colds. That I can actually keep them in and tend to their needs.

And yet the time goes by just as quickly, making me even more thankful that we made the decision to get me home with them during this time. This time is precious, but so short. I just don't want to miss a second of it.

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