Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bakery for a Day

Monday turned into baking day. Looking at the bushel of apples we picked up over the weekend, I decided it would be prudent if I baked up some pies so that they don't go bad on us.

It was my first try at making homemade pies (without using pre-made crusts and canned pie filling.). Peeling and coring apples is not exactly fun. But, I made it through and made 2 deep dish French apple pies. One went in the freezer and one stayed out for us to try. Very yummy stuff. I'll probably make at least another 2-3 more with this batch of apples to put away for the frenzy of holiday/harvest guests that's sure to start up soon.

While I was preparing the pies, I noticed that we had some bananas that were getting very ripe. So, I ended up making two loaves of banana bread as well. The house was nice and warm and smelled heavenly and the recipe I used was much better than one I had used in the past. The loaves came out just perfect.

Ms. Toddler anxiously waited for the treats to cool to take a taste. I don't think she's had either item, but must have liked the smells too 'cause she kept saying "I like that? I like that?".

Hubby was happily surprised to find pies and loaves cooling when he arrived home. Our house, the bakery for a day.

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