Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Small hands clapping

Some milestones only a parent can appreciate..

Miss Baby has learned how to clap! Last Sunday she was watching the congregation clapping very, very closely during worship. She'll normally nap during a service, or keep busy with a few small toys I bring for her, but Sunday she justed watched and watched....

The next day I saw her looking at her hands and trying to bring them together. She was able to touch her fingers together but no sound. I clapped some more for her and she again, just watched very, very closely.

A few days later she was at it again, and finally I heard a clap! Just the smallest of taps, but she heard it too and grinned from ear to ear. I don't think she managed another one all day. But she was obviously very content with herself.

Since then, each day, she practices and practices. It's definitely her favorite activity right now. If she hears any music at all, she looks up and starts clapping.

It's just so adorable.

She's also mimicking conversation in her babbling.

And in other news - Ms. Toddler is frequently asking "Whatcha doing?" in addition to her normal insistent: "What's that?."

Despite all of her persistent testing of our consistency and patience, she is the most darling helper, considerate (asks "Are you ok? Does that hurt? All better now?) and is just too cute for words.

Well, most of the time :)

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