Sunday, October 03, 2004

Some good, some bad, some firsts

What a weekend!

Friday we started the day with a playdate for Ms. Toddler. A rather big one with several moms and kids around Ms. Toddler's age. The Good: It was a beautiful fall day. Had a chance to connect with some moms. Host had a nice yard and equipment for the kids to have a ball.

The Bad: Ms. Toddler and the hostess's son did not click. For some reason, of all the kids there, he did not want Ms. Toddler to play with his toys. He pulled several toys out of her hands. She walked away in search of others, but I saw that look on her face. The "I won't forget this" face. I tried to make sure they didn't get too close after that, I know my girl. She wasn't going to take it one more time.

Unfortunately, they ended up in a corner of a room together, and sure enough he tried to take a toy away, and she wasn't going to have it this time. *Boink* She pulled the toy away, then swung it and it hit him in the head. I felt so bad. Add to that both my girls developed runny noses as we were outside. The nasty kind. Yuck!

Saturday was a bit nicer. Friday evening the power went out. Which meant no heat on a 30 degree night. But Saturday morning it was back on. Seeing how we didn't turn off everything we had running at 8:30 the night before. It was quite a startling wake up call. I was able to start a project in the girls room. Painting a flower border and stenciling on some butterflies, caterpillars etc.

I was able to make a good start of it and despite my reservations and fears, it is actually coming out really cute. Hubby put up some shelving we desperately needed in their room. Hooray!

In the afternoon we headed out to the apple orchard and pumpkin farm. We took a horsedrawn carriage ride out into the orchards and had our fill of apples. Miss Baby latched onto one so tight, sucking on the juice. Her chubby little face was just buried in it as she clutched it in her little hands. Adorable.

Miss Toddler thought the horses were magnificent and was able to pick apples herself this year. Very fun. She picked out her own pumpkin too. I tiny one she carried around with her the rest of the day.

I had a pot roast and veggies in the crock pot so we came in out of the cold and had a nice warm meal waiting for us. We normally pray at our evening meal. Usually hubby and I say our own quietly and Miss Toddler will bow her head too, whispering "Jesus" and "Amen". However, on this night, hubby decided to try to pray out loud so Ms. Toddler could repeat after him. She put her two hands in prayer in front of her face and repeated every word, her proud parents beaming. It was her first prayer.

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