Saturday, November 06, 2004

Aching and Tired

Feeling under the weather today. Aching and tired. It's a gorgeous autumn day today too. Probably one of our last, looks like snow will be heading our way next week already.Of course feeling sick makes me irrational so I rearranged my living room. Although I'm happy with the results, it did not help my achiness or the head cold that's threatening. Oh well, going to go snuggle up in my pj's and watch an old movie.Here's some quiz fun that made me smile, I found at heather's site:

Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door is from a small town, a large family, or both. She still has a healthy dose of what people 'round these parts call "family values." ....The Girl Next Door likes an uncomplicated life filled with the simple pleasures of family, home, kids, and food.

The defining characteristics of the Girl Next Door are simplicity and tradition. Simplicity means that, unlike the Academic Girl, she's really not that interested in the great questions that keep philosophers up at night. When she can sit in the kitchen, drinking coffee, eating shortbread cookies with a friend, and listening to the cat purr on top of the radiator, what else is there to life? What else, indeed.

She Might Be a Girl Next Door if:
She drives: a good, solid American car -- a Ford Taurus, Chevy Cavalier, or Dodge Stratus.
She can talk for more than ten minutes about: her family's holiday traditions.
She begins her sentences with: "my mother says..."
She'd never: go to a rave.
She owns any of the following: scrapbooks, heirloom quilts, a Bible, family recipes, her grandmother's engagement ring.

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