Thursday, November 04, 2004

No chips for baby!

Last night hubby and Ms. Toddler were snacking on some chips. Miss Baby managed to scoot close by and we're not sure if she nabbed a dropped chip or if her loving sister shared some with her but, we didn't realize she had a potatoe chip in her mouth until she started to choke.

Her face came close to purple and she heaved a couple of times, it seems it was lodged in there pretty good. Hubby picked her up, leaning her over his arm and thank God she started to throw it up. Thankfully, she had just finished a nice big bottle, so the formula that came up (and in abundance) cleared her throat and she turned back to a normal color shortly afterwards.

It gave us both quite a scare. The whole incident was quite chaotic considering there are only four of us. Hubby trying to get the baby to cough up the chip, mommy giving out instructions and praying out loud for Miss Baby, Ms Toddler shouting: "Calm down, down, down!"

Once we had all calmed down. We sat the two of them in the living room for some closing words. The message for the night: NO chips for baby.

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