Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas Cards...Do I have to?

I vow to send out my Christmas cards this year.

I am the perpetual deal shopper. Most of my daughter's winter clothes, I bought last year in the end of winter sales. Sure, I'm taking a chance, guessing what size she'll be a year from now....but I love a deal.

It's the same with Christmas cards. I buy them a year in advance. When they're $1 or $2 a box rather than the regular $7 to $?. I'm taking the same chance though, that I'll actually want to send out that Christmas card next year, or that I'll actually send out Christmas cards next year.

Confession: I haven't sent out Christmas cards for 2 years, maybe 3. I can't account for that first year, but I believe I sent out a few cards to a small group of people on my Christmas card list. The second year, with a new baby, while working full time, and running to dozens of holiday events, time just ran away from me. The following year, I wrote a few of them, but didn't send them. I couldn't tell you why. Honestly, I found them addressed and in my card bag just the other day. I'm now debating whether or not I should just send some of them out as is - to save some time. I sealed them, and I can't remember if I dated them or not and what they look like. Dilemma, dilemma.

I did mail out cards to those I received. But you can imagine, after a few years, how many lists I got crossed off of due to my lack of response. Touchy, touchy ;)

So this year we took a family picture and decided to make them into Christmas cards. I've practically been harassed by family and friends because we've never taken a family picture (for heaven's sake, I've only had one for 2 years!), or any photo since hubby and I were married (okay that has been 10 years. yikes!). So I'm killing two birds with one stone! Actually I wouldn't kill a bird with a stone. That's horrible! Who came up with the saying...

Okay, back to my point. So I decided I would tackle my Card writing with a new strategy. Complete the cards in waves. First wave, immediate family members. OH, but I forgot the parents are getting 5x7's so I have to go out and buy them special cards (can't give them bulk cards, right) - okay, will have to get back to that. Second wave, close friends, aunts & uncles, cousins. Etc. etc.

Other than the parent thing, I've sent out two waves, and will try to get to the third wave today. About 10-15 go out in each (we both have huge families).

Do you notice when writing Christmas cards, the first one's have clever, witty comments and creative comments, and the later one's have Happy Holidays!, Love, Our family? So sad, so rushed.

Made me wonder - who started all of this anyway. Seems like this was one of the first commercializations of Christmas, born of lives that were too busy and rushed to begin with. Doesn't that make it seem worth it now?

Okay, I'll stop now before I blog myself out of sending them this year.

Want to see the first Christmas card? Kewl.

Oh! And I finally finished What's so Amazing About Grace - Yancey. After repeated library renewals, I'm sure the library will be glad to see it returned today!

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