Thursday, December 09, 2004

No more CHICKEN!

Before Thanksgiving I found a great deal on chicken - 29 cents/lb, in bulk. WOW, I was so excited that I bought a TON of it. Stocked up real good. Once I separated and froze it, there was enough for a good 16 dinners all for under $8 dollars. Sweet!

Last week we started running low on other kinds of meat - so we started eating chicken about every other day. I threw in one or two veg-dinners, but hubby's a meat and potatoes kind of guy - you know the kind - it's just not a real dinner if there isn't a dead animal on the plate.

So this week we were down to chicken and hamburger meat. Yep, back and forth. Baked chicken, spaghetti w/ meatballs, curry chicken, taco salad - bringing us to Thursday: Chicken, again! There was no way I was eating chicken again today.

I usually avoid going grocery shopping with the munchkins in tow. Too much stimulation for them, and they both hate the special two seater grocery carts for people like me with a toddler and baby. And I'm so exhausted after hauling the two kids and all the groceries into and out of the car.

But my revulsion at the thought of ANOTHER chicken dinner tonight gave me strength!

Went out and stocked up on beef and pork. Freezer's full (there's still enough chicken for four more dinners in there) and there's a nice pot roast in the slow cooker. Smell's very yummy right now. Also making a pot of pinto beans per hubby's request. And soon I'll be off to save some bananas and make a nice warm bread.

Ooohh! And those ham's looked so appealing in the grocery store. Watching for the holiday deal so we can go get a couple (still have a turkey in my freezer from the Thanksgiving deal -29 cents/lb too!)

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