Friday, December 17, 2004

Holiday Survey

Ahh... Friday. Oh no, Friday???

That means only one more week until Christmas and I still have presents to buy! But just a few.

Last night I banished the munchkins from the rec room and wrapped up all their presents, listening to my Harry Connick Christmas cassette and had a little eggnog, talked to a few friends and my dad on the phone. ...

Yeah - all warm and fuzzy stuff - it's feeling like the holidays. The weekend is full of events - but not terribly. Have a great weekend everyone! Remember to enjoy the holidays in all the hustle and bustle.

And now a fun survey I found at Think Pink, I love these :

Holiday Survey

1. Egg nog - yum or yuck? Yummy Yum Yum - w/ cinnamon, eggnog french toast, eggnog bread, eggnog cookies....

2. Stay up until midnight on New Years? At least until midnight. My family is known for the all-nighter New Year's eve sing-a-longs - all worship and praise and some carols too. What a way to start the new year!

3. Prefer white or colored lights? Both, but not together. Maybe I should create a new profession: Christmas decoration coordinator. Some people are just not blessed with knowing how to coordinate their decorations.

4. Favorite holiday song. This year it's Mary did you know, Not that Far from Bethlehem and All is Well. Fell in love with them all at the MWS concert.

5. What is your tackiest holiday decoration? A string of bobbins and wooden gingerbread men. It's ugly truly, and I have nothing else that remotely goes with it, and yet I still hung it up in my kitchen - it's sad really.

6. Do your kids have too much and you wonder just WHY you are getting more?? Not yet, but we're getting there - we've only been at it 2 years, give us time :P Our house is filling up fast with kiddie stuff, and yes they're getting more stuff. I'm glad we decided to do the 3 gift practice starting now!

7. If you celebrate Christmas, when does your tree go up and come down? Thanksgiving weekend. Down within a week after New Years.

8. Open presents on Christmas eve, morning, or other? Church gift exchange presents are opened Christmas eve. Stocking stuffers/one small gift on Christmas eve. Presents Christmas morning and all day as we do our rounds to the grandparents houses.

9. Favorite holiday traditions? Christmas cookies. Will be starting to read Luke 2 with munchkins this year before bedtime on Christmas eve. Watching the Disney holiday parade. Ham and Lasagna (one traditional, one white chicken version) on Christmas day.

10. What do YOU want for Christmas? See yesterday's post!

Wanna do another one? Marla has a fun one on her site too.

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