Friday, February 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Miss Baby

My dear Miss Baby,

Today you are one year old! Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister celebrated your birthday together with you today. Before you came along daddy and I were a couple with a baby. You made us an official family.

I've loved watching you grow this year. You have been the sweetest baby a mom could ask for, with the nicest, calmest, good-natured spirit. We are constantly getting comments on what a good baby you are. And you really have been.

Today you had your first taste of cake, and boy did you enjoy it. Each mouthful was followed by a hearty "MMMM" You reached right over and dug in - two fisted! You also received your first pair of tennis shoes, and walked down the hall with the biggest grin on your face - as if you knew.

You could tell it was a special day. You were so excited when you saw the balloons, and had a great time opening your gifts. Then daddy put on a Michael W. Smith DVD for some music - you love it! As soon as you heard the first sounds of music you started clapping and raising your hands to heaven.

You fill our lives with joy. We love you sweet girl.

Happy Birthday.

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