Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Note to Self

I am aware of it. It's true. I know it's happening. I'm straying.

I know that book has been in my sidebar for sometime. I know it's a forty day book that's been on my mental "to read" list for..3 months now? I am halfway through, literally. But I admit it.. I'm falling short.

The days pass by so quickly. And I slip further and further.. melancholy?, aloofness?, carelessness? disregard? physical and mental fatigue? ... words you don't want to use to describe how your facing life day to day. But true.

I travel the blogdom and see such meaty, inspiring, positive, soul searching posts...and it becomes more evident, the dust is thick, I've been neglecting my spirit...I know it.

I know it.

Just a reminder to self.

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