Sunday, February 20, 2005

Dear God, She bites!

It is a surreal experience, when you're sweet tender little baby suddenly, and very unexpectedly, turns on her older sister on a Sunday morning, while that older sister is very lovingly hugging her baby sister, and takes a good chomp at her cheek.

Poor Ms. Toddler is scarred, a dark, angry bruise on her left cheek. After many tears and insisting that Miss Baby spend some time in the Naughty Corner(note the Supernanny influence), she forgave her and hugged her again as we held our breath hoping Miss Chomper didn't take another nibble.

We had always thought that the many minor offenses against Miss Baby by Ms Toddler would somehow get returned when she was older. But we never expected biting.

It's unsettling when you realize, your child is a biter. I dread spending the next few years being wary of leaving her with other children to play. Or worse yet, embarrassed apologies for the sweet looking little girl with pig tails and chubby cherubic cheeks that bites.

Ughh! I better watch my toes from now on!

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