Saturday, February 19, 2005

Things to remember

I've so been neglecting my little weblog. All the little things that I want to remember, that I know I won't later, despite how adorable or memorable I think they are now -- I need to record.


1. Miss Baby has a foot fetish. She is obsessed with toes. Not just her own, mine, her sisters, her dads... And she doesn't just like looking at them or poking at them. Oh no, that would just be cute. As she creeps near toddlerhood she of course has to add in the gross factor. She likes to suck on toes. Yes, that's right, not just hers.
If it's movie night, and I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up, she'll go for them. Opens up her little mouth and advances. Ewww! And on the rare day that I'm walking around the house barefoot - cooking, talking, distracted by Ms. Toddler, I'll suddenly feel something warm and wet on my toes. Of course, it's Miss Baby, laying postrate on the floor, head over my foot trying to suck on my toe!
It's almost funny - except it's pretty gross. And I'm sure she'll just love me for recording this little memory.

2. Ms. Toddler is nearly potty training (thank you Preschool!) We've bought Pull-Ups for her. But once she's through the package, it's to training pants. She's doing such a good job, telling us when she has to potty - even on trips out to the store and restaurant! I guess when they're ready, they're ready. I'm so glad this is one of the few things I didn't obsess about.

3. In other's finally happened, we've been MINI-VANed. We are now an official All-American family (okay, that's debatable), but I feel like we've joined this large club. Everywhere I look now I see families and mini-vans. It's decked out too - for hubby's enjoyment. But the perks for me?
~~No more bending over in awkward back breaking positions to load the girls into the car.
~~A place to change baby!
~~Ability to move to the back of the vehicle during mini roadtrip emergencies.
~~Ahh, and I have to mention the heated front seats. That's right: LUXURY. Could there be anything more divine in the middle of a Wisconsin winter??

4. #3 also means the end of an era. We are saying goodbye to my first car. My first 2 door ZX2 with sun-roof, multi-disc CD changer - sweet little car made for 4, but that no car seat was designed for and can truly only fit 4 very small & short adults. So sad, so sad. Farewell, farewell, to my last lingering shred of JUST ME. It is now only a faint memory.

5. Miss Baby will be a year very soon, and in the chaos of having a baby and toddler, quitting my job to stay home, and going back to work, somehow the fact that we are now a family of four, not just Me and Hubby anymore like it had been for sooo very long (8 years is long!), but a family with actual children dawned on me the other day.
As I was folding clothes in the spare room and getting ready for the next day, I heard the laughter of little girls playing with their daddy - sweet music to my ears. The kind that every mother to be and mother in waiting dreams about.

My heart is full.

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