Saturday, March 19, 2005

And He never ceases to amaze me..

So here's an update, my aunt went to the hospital for pre-surgery tests. Her doctor, a surgeon and some specialist were there to consult on her surgery and give my aunt and uncle the run down. She was on my mind constantly this week, and in my prayers.

Her prayer: God, I'm not ready for this. (she tells me)
My prayer: Lord, it's in your hands. Only you know your plan. We trust in you God.
My hubby's prayer: Thank you God for your healing. Aunt, you are healed! Aunt, you are healed!

Now my prayers and hubby's prayers are from over 200 miles away. I had no idea his prayers for her had taken this route. But praise God that he is so positive and has such conviction. So often when it seems like all is lost (and note my prayer that, in a way, translates to giving up) he believes that all will be well.

So here's what happened:

After testing, doctors re-enter. "Mrs. Aunt, we are going to remove your bandages again and take a closer look." Her foot has been rotting for months. And the smell, I'm told, was nauseating and would fill the room, so she always kept it covered and rebandaged it several times a day. The doctors proceeded to closely investigate her foot, and smell it. Yes they put their noses to her foot to smell it. "Mrs. Aunt, we need to order a few more tests if that's alright."

She's taken to get even more tests, and when she returns, the doctors filed in and said this. "Mrs. Aunt, we cannot find the cancer that we saw a few weeks ago." And they line up her old x-rays and her new ones, pointing out the cancer spots they could see a few weeks before and her clean x-ray now. "In fact, Mrs. Aunt, it looks like your foot is healing from the infection you have." And they proceed to point out new skin that had begun to grow on her foot.

"Mrs. Aunt, we won't be needing to amputate," they tell her. "You're, you're beautiful! If all of our patients were like you, we'd be poor men. We suggest you go home and thank your God!"

And that's what she did.

She went home, got on her knees and thanked God.

Then she called everyone she knew.


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