Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day Recap

*Strawberry pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries (only 1 WW point each too for me) - yummm!
*Me whispering: Go tell daddy "Happy Father's Day!"
*Ms. Chatterbox: Daddy, Daddy! Happy...umm..Happy F-Birthday Day Daddy!
*Cards and presents. DH is very happy with a catelog size (think almost 2 inches thick) barbacue book for guys he's had his eye on for a while. It has a picture of each step for every recipe in there. Meat, meat and more meat. The total guy's cookbook.
*Day trip to state park.
*Side trip to farmer's stand for some healthy on-the-road munchies,
*Girls first hike in the woods! We timed it almost right. Only had to carry them about the last 5 minutes of the walk back to where we parked!
* Miss Jibber-Jabber was Miss Independent today. No hand holding daddy! I can do it myself!
*Soccer and playground time with daddy.
*Boat watching and lots of ooohh's and ahh's at the very blue lake.
*I realize I've grown up and lived alongside Lake Michigan my whole life and have never been boating on it! Boating in inland lakes, swimming in Lake Michigan, but never on a boat in Lake Michigan! No way - can't be!! (Note to self: A dinner cruise on Lake Michigan would be a great Anniversay date).
*Stop for some gyros and chicago style hot dogs at an outdoor cafe next to the Lake - Beeautiful.
*Walked the small town near the park - very adorable, quaint town. Saw some alpaca walking around the neighborhood????? Yeah, kinda wierd.
*Stopped by the marina to see more boats and watch the ducks and their ducklings.
*Girls nap all the way home. Mommy and daddy get to chat.
*Everyone is bathed and ready for a good night's sleep.
*Miss Jibber-Jabber says "Mine" for the first time today. Wonderful.
*Miss Jibber-Jabber gets her first sharing lesson today. She also learns to say "Share". She likes it. Whenever she wants something Ms. Chatterbox has she now says "Share" and reaches for it. Hmm, not quite the concept Miss JJ.
*Daddy gets to watch NBA playoffs today - uninterrupted.
*Isn't Daddy blessed?

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day!

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