Monday, December 12, 2005

Neither here nor there

Not this nor that. Standing still.

We're on a constant quest to progress, move forward, move on, move up, move over. But maybe we just need to stay still more often than we do.

"Be Still and know that I am God". Has to be important, right? Otherwise the words wouldn't be there. He knows me. Knows that I need to see it in black and white.

We are definitely at an utter stand still. It's like the whole world has stopped and here we are. Just here. We are. I'd like to move, but it seems nearly impossible. And yet there's a peace in it. Peace be with you, my peace I give to you - I really love those words.

We attended a beautiful worship service on Sunday. My oh my what a struggle it was to get there, which thank heaven made me realize it so had to be worth it - so we pressed on. We arrived late, a bit frazzled, most awkwardly - but it was worth it. Good word, beautiful choir, lovely christmas decorations, subtle, elegant, lovely, and beautiful, wonderful worship. I sang. I love singing. I sang, and praised, and oh did it feel good. The world just melted away for an hour or so. Very nice.

Ever notice how feeling at peace and feeling lost can take you to a very similar place. Where the world seems distant, and there's a strange hush. Both make you anxious, anxious that it'll end or what will comes when it ends.

Don't know if I'm making sense. Oh well, there it is.

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