Friday, December 09, 2005

A Christmas Tree

A christmas tree, we actually have a christmas tree. This is the first year that we've ever had a full size christmas tree. The girlies are ecstatic. And it is so pretty! It's a bit Charlie Brownish since we started from zero ornaments and are working to accumulate. And I do want to leave room for years and years of ornaments with new memories for each one. But it's still awesome.

Our denomination doesn't celebrate Christmas with christmas trees, because of pagan roots of the tree. But after much reading, discussion and prayer we've decided to make it a part of our family traditions.

Actually I've really enjoyed learning all the christian signficance of the christmas tree and other ornaments and decorations used at this time of year. I don't know if the meaning behind the candy cane, tree, and advent wreath are just a given for most people. But for me its all new and beautiful. I've firmly decided that these are things I want my girls to grow up knowing. Before a christmas tree was just pretty to me. Now it holds a whole new meaning and serves as a wonderful reminder to me of who and what we're celebrating.

At work we exchanged names and my "secret shepherd" just rocks! She started by giving me an Advent devotional book and has blessed me with notes, prayer cards, treats, baked goodies (her pistachio bread was awesome!) and ornaments for my new tree! And that was only the first two weeks. I love my devotional book, it has kept me focused and grounded as the season progresses and gets hectic.

I'm so glad that hubby and I spent a day and finished our christmas list for the girlies. We do have a few more gifts to get, nothing to hard. And I do have to get some gifts for hubby. The only one I struggle with is my dad. One because he's just plain hard to shop for, and two because really there's just nothing I could get that I'd think was good enough to show how much I appreciate him.

And we haven't decided our final plans for the time between christmas and new year's. I do know I just want to spend lots of home time this year, enjoying my christmas tree :)

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