Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Some People"

My eldest was pointing out family members in pictures to my youngest. I recently put out a picture of my mom and dad (my mom passed away long before either of them were born), and when they got to that picture, I heard my youngest say "Who dat?", and my eldest inspected the picture for a while and said "some people, I don't know."

It nearly broke my heart, I was reminded once more that they'd never know their Grandma. And as time goes on, I'm afraid I'll remember less and less to share with her. No home videos, a few albums of pictures - but they'll never hear her voice or her laugh, feel her hugs, or know how much she would've been gaa-gaa over them both. I can tell them, but I know its not the same.

So I tried to explain that the woman in the picture was grandma. I got a strange look. And later, my eldest came back and asked, where's grandma? I told her that she was in heaven with Jesus. That's far away?, she answered.

Yes. Far away.

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