Sunday, January 22, 2006

Random Thoughts & Questions

  • Is England as quaint as they show on those travel shows?
  • Is understanding and acceptance really just being wishy-washy?
  • Am I really sure about anything?
  • Is the whole world changing, or is it just me?
  • Why do I get so annoyed when the phone rings?
  • 4am baths to bring down a baby's temperature - not good for an already non-morning person.
  • Will we ever all be cold/flu free again?
  • I'm such a book addict! One day I'd like to buy and read a book, before buying another.
  • Received my year-end day care expense summary - AAAAaaaaaaaackkk!
  • That groundhog better predict an early spring -- cabin fever anyone?
  • Hubby's new job is as much a challenge as it's been a blessing.
  • The Trouble with Change
  • It is difficult to work with family in ministry... that just seems so wrong.
  • Hope. Faith. Love. Wisdom.
  • "God is the only person who can tell how far you have gotten in the journey toward Him, so why try to measure the distance" Holiness, A Beginners Guide - Zuller
  • Two things to try to achieve in life: Balance and Cheerfulness
  • I need a vacation.

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