Saturday, February 18, 2006

Babbling in my Brain

I'm one of those people who has conversations that continue on and on in her head at night. I'm very tired, and yet so many thoughts. Like:
It's not cool to get stuck in knee deep snow drifts.
  • It's really not cool to leave the van, that's stuck in the snow drift, sitting over the sidewalk in a failed attempt to get up the driveway.
  • I don't know that it's right to compete in the olympics, doing the skeleton, when you're 2+ months pregnant? Do you see how they bellyflop on that thing? Do you know how fast they're going? Pretty dangerous.
  • Everything changes when kids are involved.
  • Like I would love to go to Milwaukee this weekend. I'd risk the frozen terrain if it was just me. But there are the girlies to consider. No way.
  • I really shouldn't have eaten 3 chocolate chip cookies at work today.
  • I'm really tired. I should go to sleep.
  • I wonder what time curious george is playing this weekend. Do I dare take the girlies to see it? It'd would be their first time at a movie theatre.
  • Does anyone actually say movie theatre anymore? Sounds ancient.
  • Loved this : "I blog for biblioholics, who keep buying books they can’t afford and don’t have room to store, who endure years of questions such as “Are you ever going to read all of those books?,” who love even the smell and the feel of books, who will read anything, even classified ads or the back of cereal boxes, in a pinch, and for whom passing a large, unfamiliar bookstore without stopping is like an opium addict passing up a fresh pipe." found here , which amused me.
  • This looks good too. It may just curb a sushi craving. I'm going for sushi next friday - hurray!
  • Why am I still awake!

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