Saturday, February 18, 2006

Girlie Goodies

Girlie 1 loved her Valentine cards. Those cheap little, commercial, cards that every parent feels obligated to buy for their kids to hand out - yeah she loves them. She brought them home from school, layed them out and one by one went through them asking me to "Say this one".

So we read though each one, and each one she would hold against her heart and say "I like this one" or "I love _ (fill in the blank of a classmate)". Or she'd get this great big grin on her face as if the little phrase on the card was written especially with her in mind by the giver. Then she noticed she had two from the same boy. "Two from ___!" she exclaimed in surprise, obviously very impressed.

Too cute.

On the other hand, she is also in the habit of telling her daddy and I, "You made me angry" or "You need to be nice to me! I'm little" when we are correcting or disciplining her. Sometimes I think she's right and we should listen to her. Other times, I just worry that this is a prelude of things to come, the ugly version, in about 10 years time. Oh boy, we have some praying to do.

Girlie 2 is talking in sentences now. She amazes me every day that she's a little person, and not my little baby anymore. She's loving the olympic skating right now. She calls the female skaters, "bella ballerinas". She's also learning some spanish! Her teacher told us that she's been using spanish words, and gets really frustrated with them when they don't understand her! So funny. Girlie 1 never really bothered trying to use spanish words. But Girlie 2 is pointing out her cheeks and nose in spanish and even counting! Amazing.

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