Monday, July 24, 2006

What's happening?

Two months! It's been two months since I posted a thing. Quick catch up:

  • Took girlies to their second theatre movie - CARS. We all loved it. New catch phrase for the girls when they think they've done something really cool is "Ca-chow"
  • Purchase goldfish and tank for first pets. I really didn't realize how much effort it takes to get a tank going. We of course rushed into it figuring "They're just goldfish". Sadly, one of the four we brought home bit the dust less than a week after being home. Which meant, I had to explain death to my 3 year old. Which I must say she took very well. Also very cute, is that she name them herself - Jaba, Luke, Kink and Shabalah. Yeah. I have no clue. Totally names of her own creation.
  • We took a trip with my dad. Girlies and he were in another world, they had so much fun. 4 solid days with grandpa was very nice for all of us.
  • I've just found out I have stomach ulcers - ugh, ugh, and ugh. There is no way I can live with the bland diet they suggest. Not cool.
  • Girlie 1 starts swim lessons tomorrow. I haven't told her. She will be ecstatic. She's becoming a little athlete. Her birthday is coming up and she's asking for baseball gear and soccer stuff. Oh, and a guitar (that's her grandpa's influence there)
  • Hubbies parents speak Spanish at home, and Girlies have decided they want to learn. We bought them a Spanish CD of kids songs to listen to at home. The first song is La Bamba. It's hilarious. They both know all the words to the first verse. Girlie 1 will come into the room and randomly declare a "Speak Spanish" period where she proceeds to speak her own version of Spanish - which is spanish words sprinkled with spanish sounding jibber jabber. Funny thing is Girlie 2 seems to understand her perfectly.
  • My boss gave us a trampoline her kids have outgrown. Girlies love it. They'll jump away for nearly an hour at a time! They come up with the funniest games. Like human popcorn. It's a hoot to watch them.
  • I bought a Jewish cookbook. Now I don't know why. It was on sale, had lots of pictures, and I was hungry? It'll be fun to try out the recipes.
  • On the reading front, I've been flying through fiction. Nothing very meaty this summer. I've been through about 3 Mitford books, and am now hooked on the Confessions of a Shopaholic series. My mind is total mush this summer. It's so nice :)
  • Girlie 2, who is more like hubby and reserved with her words, has really begun to let the words flow. She's so reserved we would regularly be surprised by the flow of sentences that she would speak. Now, she's becoming a real conversationalist. My baby! :( :)
  • Girlie 2 is also not taking to potty training - at all. Which is really stinky for us - literally! I guess I was really spoiled by Girlie 1 who was going #2 in the potty at about 16 months. #1 is really not a big deal - and she actually liked being a big girl. Girlie 2 on the other hand, has outright refused to even sit on the potty. The Potty training in a day book is totally not working for this one. She is coming along though - there's still hope :)
Well I'm sure there's more I wanted to put in black and white. But I'm tapped at the moment.

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