Monday, August 07, 2006

A whole dozen

Yesterday hubby and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! Hurray for us. Nothing romantic. Actually we were at the Ponderosa with the kids. Ah, yes. The anniversary meal every woman dreams of - a buffet with two little chatty girls that don't give mom or dad a chance to even answer them :)

But really, my dad has graciously offered to babysit and let hubby and I go spend a night at the state fair like a couple of teenagers - for a couple hours anyway. That's all the energy he can really manage with my high strung girlies. Now he knows how good he had it with me! I was the most obedient, quiet, well-mannered kid EVER! Mostly I was just very shy - but it still counts :)

So it's lovely cream puffs, and related junk food, heaven for us this weekend.

So here's a quip. Girlie 1 is very extroverted. I really don't know where she gets it from. Uh, actually - I might have asked for that characteristic in her when I was expecting. Now I get the whole you might get what you ask for.

Anyway, so because of her outgoing nature, we interact with MANY more people than I would normally. And she's gotten much bolder about approaching and talking to strangers.

So I decide, good mommy that I am, to have the stranger talk with her that goes something like this (picture mommy and girlie walking through the mall having this conversation):

Mommy: Girlie. You shouldn't talk to strangers if mommy or daddy aren't with you. Only talk to strangers if mommy or daddy say it's okay.

Girlie: Is that a stranger? Is that a stranger? Is he strange?

Mommy: If you don't know the person's name, then he or she's a stranger. (Note: Mommy thinks this is an excellent explanation and can see the gold star glowing over her head)

Fast forward to bookstore..

Girlie: Mommy, can I talk to her? (her = stranger)

Mommy: Do you know her name?

Girlie: No.

Mommy: Then no you may not. She's a stranger. (mommy turns back to book she's coveting)

Girlie (strangely from a distance): What's your name? Hi Donna! My name is.... Mommy, this is Donna. I know her name now. Can I talk to her?

Hmm.. guess we have more work to do on the whole talking to strangers lesson.

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